Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Beauty on a Budget - The best cheap makeup

As much I love high-end expensive lovely luxury sweet smelling products I do not have endless amounts of money and quite often I find myself looking for a cheaper dupe! But lower-priced products does not mean cheap and cheerful, there are cheaper brands that i love using just as much as my MAC and Lancome that can be equally good in quality.

If you've seen any of my hauls before you know that I lurrrvvvve this brand! All their products are under £5 mostly £1 or £2 and I would really recommend them! I'm not going to lie a few of their products are a little bit iffy like the felt liner pen but when it comes to eyeshadow, blush and nail polishes I can not get enough! You can buy their eyeshadows individually or if you want to save a bit more money you can buy their palettes, my favourite is the Heaven and Earth palette which is a really good substitute for the Urban Decay Naked palette as it is made up of neutrals. Overall if your looking for something cheap but reasonably good quality try MUA!
Available in: Superdrug, Website

I'm not sure if they sell this in any shops in the UK but they have a website where you can buy it from and the majority of their products are £1.50 or £3.75 from the studio line. So far I have found all of their products have been great quality, in particular their all over colour stick and long wear lip liner. But the best thing about ELF is their studio brushes, if your looking for a (much) cheaper make of brushes than MAC or Sigma, Elf's studio line brushes are almost equally as good in my opinion for a fraction of the price. If you buy a lot the shipping can add up but if you save up what you want to buy in a wish list worth over £30 then buy it the shipping is free, or do what i do and just wait until they have a sale or special offer on ;)
Available in: website

Natural Collection is a brand by Boots that could be compared to the likes of Body Shop, it's all natural ingredients and has the same ethical ethos as them but every product is under £3.00! I love body shop but i just find its too expensive for me as I'm desperately trying to save money, Natural Collection has been a great solution as the products are good quality and affordable. If your worried about ingredients in make-up I'd strongly suggest this brand especially their lipsticks and blushers :)
Available in: Boots

Now this technically isn't a make-up brand it's nail polishes but I thought I would include it as they are just such good value for money. The prices tend to vary but on beauty bay you can get them for £3.50 with free delivery!! These are mini nail varnishes but they use them in all my local salons as they just do not dry out which I cannot say for more expensive brands like Nails Inc. The nail polish is long lasting and the range of colours rivals that of OPI so you will definitely find the shade for you!
Available in: Beauty Bay, Debenhams, John Lewis

So there are four brands that are low priced, but high quality. I hope this helps anyone who is looking for a cheaper alternative as they are on a budget or even if your just starting to get into makeup and are looking for affordable products to start a collection with! I love using all these brands and I've started using all of them in my everyday makeup recently so hopefully you will love them as much as I do!
speak soon - little becca xx

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Glossybox May Anniversary Edition!

So as many of you know Glossybox turned one this month and so there was a lot of speculation about what they would do to celebrate after previous boxes like the Harrods box didn't quite add up to some people's expectations. I'm uploading this late again because I know how tempting it is to look at spoilers and it's never good when you end up feeling disappointed as you've seen several other bloggers with more exciting products.

So first impressions, they've gone back to the classic pink box which I absolutely love and the tissue paper has a really pretty pattern on it and my box seemed to be really full so I couldn't wait to rip into it and see what I had got!

I was quite relieved to find that I didn't get the gold gel eyeliner lots of people had been moaning about on twitter because there was really no use for it that I could think of. One thing I really liked was the balloon and compact mirror they included as the mirror is perfect for keeping in my handbag and who doesn't like balloons!

The actual products I received in my box were:

Noble  Isle Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel (Full Size 250ml £20.00) (find me here!)
This is a 75ml sample which is quite a decent size and for some reason I really love the packaging, especially the logo of flowers coming out of a bath tub. Shower gel is not the most exciting product but this smells like a mixture of grass and oranges which is actually quite nice so I think I will save this one to take on my summer holiday :)

Lolita Lempicka L'Eau en Blanc & Si Lolita (Full size 100ml around £65)(find me here!)
I really love getting perfume samples because I never have enough time to go around and sniff them all in the shops! I really like Si Lolita which says 'the secret spicy freshness of Sweet Pea' it's a really lovely scent, usually I'd say perfumes with spice in are more for winter but this one is just fresh and and i can't get enough of it! L'Eau en Blanc is very sweet smelling perfect for summer as it has raspberries in it so I'm going to try and make both last! Also their website is gorgeous and so pretty!!

Weleda Face Cream/Body Milk (Full size 30ml £13.95)(find me here!)
With the help of google translate I found that I actually received the Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion, the sample size is 10ml so is actually a third of the full size which means it should last quite a while. They claim this is great to wear under makeup as a lighter option to a day cream or can be used simply as a face mask ,I think I will try this as it's not overly perfumed despite the rose scent.

Uniqone All in one hair treatment (full size 150ml £13.99) (find me here!)
This product claims to repair dry & damaged hair, control frizz and shine, protect from heat, improve silkiness and smoothness, protect hair colour, make brushing and straightening easier, detangles, pro-longs hairstyles, prevents split ends and add body. did you get all that? well if this works I'll be amazed so i will definitely be trying this one! it smells alright too, pretty similar to what i call 'the haircare product smell' the sample is 9ml so hopefully will be enough to get a few uses out of it!

Let's Go Lashes Strip Lashes (£8.95 a strip) (find me here!)
I got the 'Tease' lashes which i am very pleased with! I really needed some fake lashes for a party I'm going to soon but i was begrudging paying for them as I'm not very good with falsies but these are perfect! The lash band is not actually black so these will look more natural and I can't wait to use them! The company not only also sell Amy Child's lashes but are part of Noveau Beauty Group who house HD Brows the brand that sparked a whole new fashion of brows, the worst, undoubtedly being the 'scouse brow' so this is possibly my favourite item from the whole box! Also if you recall a while a go there was a video on glossybox's youtube with a company called Blink+go - well Let's Go is just their new name!

So that was everything that was in my Glossybox this month, I was genuinely really pleased with this box! I think I will probably use every single product, which is why I'm going to start doing another glossybox post, how i used the products and what i thought of them, so let me know if you would be interested in seeing that kind of review!

speak soon - little becca xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I'm not dead!

Hey everyone! I've had a bit of a break from the blogosphere recently as I've been doing my exams and I knew I wouldn't be able to carry on doing both at the same time. But I'm back, I've got a month off and lots of exciting posts coming up :) Hopefully I will be getting the May Glossybox tomorrow so I will try to put a review up as quickly as possible which will be my first impressions as I have resisted having a sneaky look! I've also been trying out some new products for the whole of this month so there's lots coming!!
speak soon - becca xx