Friday, 16 March 2012

Kiss Fake Nails

So like many people I cannot afford to get professional nails done at the salon and naturally my nails just don't grow long, they end up breaking and then I have to cut them all down to match. I started to think of trying different types and thats when I tried Kiss nails and, I have to say they are the best highstreet store fake nails I have found.

What I used:
- Kiss 100 Full Cover Nails
- a cuticle/hand cream
- nail varnish remover
- a nail polish
- nail files (one soft, one harder)
- nail clippers
- a cocktail stick
- cotton pads

So I always go for the short square nails as I like the shape and my nails are naturally quite square anyway and you get 100 in 10 different sizes, you probably won't use the whole 100 unless your very good at filing them down, I get five sets of nails out of this which for £6.15(superdrug) is really affordable! If you don't want square nails, they do sell rounded nails but not always.

These are also really great if you've never used fake nails before because, well, you have loads to practice on! It took me a few practices before I got the hang of it but it's really not that hard :)

I find these last about a week which is perfect for me as I can't have them for work on saturdays and they are quite easy to remove :)
the finished product!
(apologies for the awful photo, I took this on my laptop at night - i'm not normally tangerine coloured!)
nail varnish - MUA - U R FAB
 scarf - Next
dress- New Look
cardigan - Primark
ring - Aubin & Wills
earrings - Forever 21

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