Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Top Nail Varnishes For Spring!

Hi everyone, so as it is getting into Spring now I decided to raid my nail varnish collection and have picked my 6 favourites for this Spring :)
I didn't realise when I took the photo's buy I'm definitely enjoying pinks this spring! I haven't bought any new nail varnishes recently so these aren't new apart from the MUA nail varnish but hopefully I'll be buying some more soon :)

Ruby Hammer Recommends £8.00 (as part of a set)
This nail varnish doesn't have a colour or number but it's a really nice peachy-pink but it isn't too bright. I was given this in a set for christmas and i can't find the link to it on the debenhams website but they have the set Here. These aren't the most amazing nail varnishes and I was expecting better from the makers of Ruby & Millie as I find the brush a bit short and sprouty but I love the colour :)
Nails Inc - Bristol £11.00
This nail varnish is a gorgeous nude colour with a pink undertone, if you just want something really natural and muted this is perfect. Nails Inc are quite pricey but they are fairly good quality and are quite often free gifts on magazines so keep your eyes peeled! This colour is actually discontinued now but I found it in the makeup section of my local TK Maxx where they quite regularly have nails inc products so go have a look :) (TK Maxx store locator)

Barry M Nail Paint - 305 Pink Flamingo £2.99
This is a really bright vivid pink, it comes out with a slightly more neon tinge on the nail than in the photo but it's just really girly and pretty which is why I chose it for spring :) The Barry M Nail Paints are amazing for the price they cost and I would strongly recommend them, however you do need two coats otherwise it looks quite opaque, you can find it here specifically or in superdrug :)

Models Own - Vintage Pink £5
This is one of my all time favourite nail varnishes! It is a really lovely dusty rose colour which is kind of between a nude and colour, the formulation is great as you only need one coat and it's not too thick or too runny :) I can't find this on the website but I bought it in River Island, but I think it's just been renamed to Soda Pop Pink (models own website) but anyway everybody should own this nail varnish it's just amazing!

Fearne Cotton - Coral £5.50
This is probably one of the brighter nail varnishes I have chosen which is a coral colour which is slightly more red, I like this as it seems to go with anything I wear and it's quite long lasting. This one I got in the Christmas set but you can buy it individually here where it's actually on sale at £1.37!

MUA Love Hearts Collection - U R Fab £2.00
I used this nail varnish in my fake nails post for the first time and I actually really like it, I'm always dubious about MUA as they are so cheap but I've bought quite a few products from there recently and I'm loving them. This nail varnish is a raspberry colour which I've seen a lot of recently, the actual nail varnish is good quality and the brush is practically the same as the nails inc ones so I would definitely recommend, this is limited edition so find it in superdrug or here before they all go!

So that was my top nail varnishes for spring, I'm planning a trip up to Westfields soon so if I buy any more nail varnishes I'll do another post as I absolutely love nail varnish at the moment :)

Thanks for reading! for any questions, comments or suggestions email me at or tweet me @littlebecca_x ♥

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