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April Glossybox! The Natural Beauty Edition!

So it's that time of month again! The Glossybox April edition was shipped out on wednesday and I received mine on friday so I'm a little late posting this but I didn't want to spoil it for everyone else! This was my deciding box on whether to keep subscribed or unsubscribe so read on to find out what I decided!

So this month's theme was everything spring and natural to celebrate earth day here's what glossybox said:

'With spring in the air, we are proud to introduce our Natural Beauty box; five natural beauty products guaranteed to make you feel your best, look gorgeous while at the same time satisfying the green goddess within!
After all, green in the new black didn't you know?
Get ready to dazzle this season and spring clean your beauty regime with contents of your latest Glossybox. In a limited edition 100% biodegradable box bursting with ethical goodies, indulge in your beauty needs without battling your inner eco-warrior'

First impressions
So initially I was a little worried as the usual black and pink outer box was just plain brown but when I actually opened the box it all made sense! So in celebration of earth day they have put together a box that is natural and doesn't harm the environment which is great! I was quite glad when I opened the box that there was no tube of lipgloss as since I signed up that was all I seemed to get. I was also quite excited to see a few full-sized products as well which is always a bonus!

So what did I get???

Caudalie - Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum (full size 30ml - £29.00)

What they said: 'This newly-launched ultra-concentrated serum is extremely natural and plant-based, ensuring your skin never lacks moisture. The deluxe size is also exclusive to Glossybox'
What I'm saying: I was very interested when I saw this product as I've been hearing a lot about Caudalie recently but I couldn't really afford it myself, this sample is called 'deluxe size' which is 10ml so effectively you are getting around £9.60 of product which is pretty good in my eyes! So I have to admit I don't really have a big skincare routine so I don't know how much use I'll get out of this as it says to put on before your moisturiser but I guess if you have dry skin this would be really good for you!
Rating: ♥♥♥

Inika Cosmetics - Certified Organic Eyeliner in 06 Coco (full size - £11.75)
what they said: 'a rich and creamy consistency unparallelled in the world of natural liners'
what I'm saying: A full-sized product, that is makeup, that is in a wearable colour YAY!!! So the main reason I signed up to glossybox was to try new makeup brands that I may couldn't afford or hadn't heard of so this is easily my favourite product! Inika products are Vegan, Certified Halal and Certified Cruelty Free so a super product for any of you eco-warriors! the description is right it is a creamy consistency that smudges nicely but stays if you don't smudge it but the best thing is I was actually thinking the other day that I wanted a brown eyeliner that was a bit darker so glossybox, I don't know how you read my mind but thank you!
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Ayuuri - Natural Body Wash in Sandalwood (full size 235g - £4.95)

what they said: 'The Ayuuri Natural skincare range is based on fruit, plant and flower extracts that have long been used in India to enhance skin's natural beauty'
what I'm saying: now there's been some speculation this isn't full size, well it is it's just on the glossybox card it's in grams and on the bottle its in millilitres. so now that's cleared up this bodywash smells like sandalwood, now I don't know if it's just me but I thought that was a bit weird for a bodywash but I do quite like it! not a very luxury product but goes with the theme perfectly.
Rating: ♥♥

Figs & Rouge - Lip Balm in Rambling Rose (full size 8ml - £3.29)
what they said: '100% pure, 100% natural & 100% organic multipurpose balm. excellent for soothing and naturally hydrating dry lips & skin'
what I'm saying: another full sized product! glossybox are finally listening to their subscribers feedback which is really good to see but i worry that perhaps if they keep providing full size it's going to be less and less luxury products because at the end of the day they have to make some money too! At first I was a bit confused by the product because I thought it would have a thicker consistency and ended up getting it all over my finger but the actual consistency is strange, it's smooth but has little grainy beads in it which disappear when you rub it in but very strange at first! I don't really like the perfume taste that it gives you so I think I will use this on my cuticles as it says for body too - overall a bit of a weird one!
Rating: ♥♥♥

Kai - Perfume Oil (full size 3.60ml - £41.00)
What they say: 'our intoxicating signature perfume oil fragranced with Kai's light, intoxicating blend of gardenia wrapped in white exotics'
What I'm saying: so this is around 1 ml of perfume oil depending how full up your vial is, as it is an oil it is very strong! this is the kind of product you literally just touch on your wrists and you can smell all day, to put into perspective an eau de toilette has around 4-10% of the actual scented oil whereas a perfume oil has 15-30% so go lightly! The scent is very good for spring, quite light and refreshing but not really for me.
Rating: ♥♥♥

So overall I rated this box around 16/25 and it has around a £40.00 value so definitely worth the money this month! So will I continue my subscription?? Hmm, I will for another month but I will be closely watching Joliebox as they are the same price and I am tempted to switch! A good box though this month I'm quite pleased with it so hopefully May's box is as good and on time! Apologies for the horrifically bad photographs!

speak soon- becca xx

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