Saturday, 21 April 2012

Beauty Products Haul!

So as promised here is my beauty products haul, I have quite a lot that I have collected over the past month so some if it I may have already shown on here but I'll go into a bit more detail this time :)

MUA Love Hearts - 22 U R FAB £2.00
So this I have featured in a couple of posts but I really do love this nail varnish, the quality is ridiculously good for £2.00 and it lasted on my nails all weak without chipping! The formula isn't too thin so you could get away with only one coat but I do two just because I like the colour to be strong.

MUA Nail Varnish - Shade 05 £1.00
Again this is a really good nail varnish for such a good price! I am definitely pleasantly surprised by MUA products and I am really loving them which is why there is quite a few in this haul. The colour is perfect for spring as it's a pastel mint colour which is just everywhere at the moment. I would definitely recommend this!

MaxFactor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish - 45  Fantasy Fire £2.99 in Superdrug (usually £3.99)
So this nail varnish has been raved about for a while now so I decided to buy it and although I do love the colour I think you probably need to find a similar colour base coat to go underneath as I found I needed about four coats to build it up but I still wasn't completely sure. One good thing is that it's quite easy to take off for a glitter nail varnish as I find most glitter nail varnishes take forever to take off but this came off quite easily.

Mac Frost Lipstick - Angel £13.50
I've never had a frost lipstick before so I thought I would try one and I do quite like them, this one is very creamy and almost feels like a lip butter. The colour is a really good pinky nude that is perfect for daytime. The only downside is that it doesn't stay on the lip for as long as matte lipsticks which are my favourite.

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick - 075 Peach £7.99
This is a really gorgeous coral colour that isn't too bright so is very wearable, again it's a very creamy lipstick so the colour doesn't last that long but I just fell in love with the packaging of this product I just loved it! I'm not sure if they are still selling this anymore as I think they've replaced it with the lip butters.

MUA Love Hearts  Lip Balm - Kiss Me £2.00
This colour may look a little bit daunting at first but remember it's a lip balm not a lipstick so the actual colour is a lot more muted than this! On the lips it comes out a pinky red colour and it is actually quite conditioning for the lips so is great for keeping in your handbag for when your lips are dry!

MUA Pearl Mono Eyeshadow - Shade 24 £1.00
The colour of this eyeshadow really caught my eye as something different, it's somewhere between a purple and a brown with a slight shimmer and I picked this up for my Lana Del Rey makeup look but I actually really liked it and I've been using it as a crease colour as once it's blended in it's really subtle and I think would work really well as the base colour for a smokey eye.

Gosh Effect Powder - Meringue £2.99 (in the Gosh Clearance)
I can't find the original price for this product but I found it in the Gosh Clearance Stand in Superdrug and actually bought it for my mum as she wanted a new pink eyeshadow. However when I actually tried it I decided to keep it for myself as I loved it, first of all I will say take the little shaker bit off and chuck it in the bin, I spent two weeks trying to use it and couldn't get any product. What you want to do is use a small amount and make sure you tap your brush off before you use it, this really does give an effect which is very shimmery but without being glittery which I like :)

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara £10.00
I'm a little bit disappointed in this mascara if I'm honest, I don't know whether it's just I'm not using it right but I find that it doesn't make my eyelashes look thick at all. It has a very big fat brush made of synthetic bristles rather than plastic and I just find the mascara is quite wet and is definitely not 'fast' drying, I have been trying to use it but I have found myself using an old Lancome Hypnose mascara wand for it which works much better if you have one laying around!

Garnier Fresh Essentials 24hr Hydrating Day Cream £5.09
I got this as I have just run out of my Simple Day Cream so I decided to try something different as this was a little bit cheaper, I chose the grape water one rather than rose water as I have a lot of rose smelling products and I thought I'd choose something different, I don't normally use fragranced face products but I do quite like it as it's quite refreshing and I really like it! It's really moisturising but dries really quickly leaving your skin soft and not sticky which is perfect for me as it will definitely speed up my makeup in the morning as I won't have to wait five minutes for it to soak in!

Garnier Fresh Essentials Eye Make-up Remover £2.99
As I bought the day cream I thought I would purchase the makeup remover too as I've found that using the same brand products, especially on your face can really help fight those nasty breakouts as the products are usually made to work together. This I find does the job really well even on water-proof mascara but other than the fragrance I can't tell much difference between this and the Simple Eye Makeup Remover

speak soon - becca xx

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