Sunday, 15 April 2012

Clothes Haul

*this is a little disclaimer just to say I'm not bragging I'm doing this post because people seem to like them, this is what I chose to spend my hard earned money on and if you don't like it feel free to read a different post or click off my blog :)*

So these are all things I've bought for Spring/Summer now that the weather is hopefully going to get warmer. I've stolen pictures from websites where I can because I only have your bog standard digital camera and the clothes look a lot better on a mannequin than on me!

MOTO Dirty Raspberry Supersoft Leigh Jeans £38.00
So I've been wanting to get a new pair of jeans for ages that were more summery, I'd never bought Topshop jeans before so I had no idea what they were like. I originally wanted to get a pale pink pair from the petite section as I am really short but I found the colour was just unflattering on me so I picked up this colour which I tried on and loved! I absolutely love the darker turnup at the bottom and they are so soft! I literally do not feel like I am wearing jeans they are super comfy, the shortest leg I could find was a 30 so I'm going to have to take them up but I really love these jeans <3 

Basics Dress £7.99
This may look pretty boring but I thought it would be great to layer up for going out with different belts and jackets although it is extremely figure hugging so be warned! It says it's short but on me it comes a couple of inches above the knee so I plan on wearing heels with it to avoid looking shorter but I imagine on someone 5'6 or over it would probably be pretty short.

Basics 'Tube Top' £3.99
This is just really basic, great for wearing underneath really sheer tops or just tucked into a skirt, basically its a basic because you can wear it with basically anything! (excuse the overuse of the word 'basic')

                                           FOREVER 21
                         Premium Denim Sparkle Vest £22.75 
I featured this in my last post and I am just in love with it!! It's great dressed up with a dress and heels but also for a daytime look with jeans and a vintagey/band t-shirt. I bought this in a Small so I never had a chance of doing this up like the model has but that's why I liked it as it just sits really nicely when it's undone. My favourite buy of perhaps the whole year! Find this here!
                                           FOREVER 21
                                            Butterfly Self Tie Blouse £14.75
This blouse is a gorgeous coral pink colour and is really sheer and feminine which is definitely right for warmer weather as it will keep you cool, I recommend buying a bandeau though to wear underneath if you don't want your bra on show! Find me here!

Parrot Crop Tee £4.00
As it's spring I thought I'd be a bit more adventurous
and get something that might actually show a bit of skin,
this top comes just at my belly button but I suggest
definitely getting a bigger size if you have bigger boobs
 as otherwise it pulls and makes the edges crinkle up. I also
just love the parrots I think they're really cute!  

Espadrille Wedge with Cutout Faux Leather £14.00
I am a big lover of wedges, as I am short anything that will give me a bit of height I love but I find that wedges are just sooooo much more comfortable than heels, £14.00 is quite a lot for Primark but they look like they're quite strong which is good. I actually got these in a wide fit which I didn't notice until I got home but it makes them even more comfy because of the wider base!

Max C London Mint Polka Dot Shirt £16.99
So this was the only item I didn't get at Westfields but I actually got this in my local TK Maxx from the Mod Box Section, I find this is where all the best stuff is for me. This shirt is gorgeous pastel mint colour which is really on trend for this season and it has this panelling on the chest which hides the top buttons. I really love this over a bodycon skirt or black skinny jeans as it just falls perfectly and the sleeves mean it keeps you slightly warmer :)

Hopefully you liked this post, I've tried to provide links to everything but for some items its impossible! I will have a beauty one coming up very soon!
speak soon - becca xx

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  1. Those jeans are a gorgeous colour :) and I love those wedges for Primark I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for those!